Nootropics are typically used as a supplement that can improve many aspects of your everyday life, especially when it comes to improving performance and decreasing stress. “Traditional Chinese medicine has used nootropic herbs to support and optimize brain function,” shares Shari. “Nootropic offer a range of cognitive benefits, including faster reaction time, increased alertness, improved memory, and decreasing mental fatigue and fog. Some nootropics are also adaptogenic, meaning they help your body manage stress.”

In other words, nootropics might be something to add to your routine if you’re looking to improve focus at work, get a better workout in, or simply better handle stress. says Shari: “Most herbal nootropics are safe and can be used as a daily supplement for your brain. Nootropic can be taken as needed, but herbal supplements often work best cumulatively, so establishing a routine for consistency is key. You can think of nootropic as food for your brain.”

One of the best nootropics is Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement that was launched in 2011 and has become one of the most popular natural nootropics on the smart drug scene.
In case you are wondering, the term ‘nootropic’ was coined in 1972 by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, the psychologist and chemist who discovered and developed Piracetam, the world’s first synthetic smart drug 

Dr. Giurgea defined a nootropic as any natural or synthetic substance that can;

  • Enhance memory, attention span, concentration, and the ability to learn.
  • Help the brain function under distress.
  • Protect the brain from chemical and physical stress.
  • Increase the efficacy of neuronal firing.
  • Produce virtually zero side effects and be non-toxic.

Alpha Brain meets this definition perfectly. It is BSCG Certified Drug-Free® and contains only natural substances that help support memory, mental speed, concentration, and focus.

Alpha Brain benefits

When you take Alpha Brain you can expect the following benefits:

  • 6+ hours of improved concentration and focus.
  • Enhanced verbal recall and executive functioning.
  • Significantly improved recent verbal memory.
  • Better mental processing.
  • Heightened ‘flow state’ (the feeling of being ‘in the zone’)

Alpha Brain is free from Caffeine, gluten, dairy, and nuts, and is Keto-friendly.

Alpha Brain 90ct

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